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The Importance of Sleep in Senior Adults

The Importance of Sleep in Senior Adults

In Caridad Healthcare, Inc., sleep is one of the many prescriptions recommended by our doctors to senior adults who have chronic illnesses. Although modern medicine has its way of treating or curing particular ailments, nothing ever heals the body naturally but a good night’s sleep.

As per the health experts in our healthcare in Roma, Texas, you release growth and healing hormones in your body when you sleep which is essential for cell production and repair. It also aids in transferring your short-term memories into long-term storage.

When you deprive yourself of sleep, it can cause daytime sleepiness, fatigue, lack of concentration, and grumpiness. It can also worsen the symptoms of existing chronic conditions and increase the risk of dementia.

If your senior adult is having problems falling asleep at night, try to encourage them to alternate their lifestyle. If they like to drink coffee during afternoon breaks, perhaps you may suggest that they drink it only in the mornings. You may also advise that they drink tea instead. Tea contains lesser caffeine than coffee.

If your senior family member likes to take long naps in the afternoon, try to suggest to them to make those naps short. Otherwise, their body will feel too rested at night that they can’t fall asleep.

Sometimes, older adults may find it difficult to sleep at night because they feel lonely or depressed. If your senior family member lives alone, do them a favor and visit them from time to time. Better yet, enroll in them in classes where they can do fun activities and engage in socializing.

If your senior loved one has health problems or is suffering from depression that prevents them from falling asleep, our health services for disease process teaching & management can help.

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