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IV Therapy: Treating Dehydrated Senior Adults

IV Therapy: Treating Dehydrated Senior Adults

Many senior adults who are frail have a high risk of dehydration. As much as possible, they need to avoid coffee, alcoholic drinks, and any liquids with high protein because of their diuretic effects.

Physicians sometimes prescribe senior adults with certain amounts of water intake to help them stay hydrated especially when they have health conditions like diabetes that cause them to urinate frequently. Lack of hormone can also force their kidneys to get rid of too much fluid.

When your senior loved one performs their prescribed exercise routine, it is essential that they drink water before and after their workout drills. Their body may lose too much fluid due to sweating. They may get dehydrated if they do not replenish.

If your senior loved one is living in a warm environment, an increase in fluid loss through sweat is expected. It is essential that your senior loved one has indoor plants to help increase humidity at home. You can also install an air-conditioning unit for them to cool the temperature. When they live in a cool place, it reduces the risk of dehydration.

For severe cases of dehydration, an intravenous procedure can be one of the rehydration methods used by healthcare professionals. If your senior loved one needs IV therapy to stay hydrated, our healthcare in Roma, Texas can provide skilled nurses to assist them.

Our high-quality nursing in Texas can do more than just IV therapy. They also provide education and tips on how to stay hydrated at home and outdoors.

If you have any inquiries about our health services, please feel free to contact us. You can rely on us to deliver the expert care that is fit for you and your loved ones.

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