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Physical Therapy: Regaining Strength and Mobility in Seniors


Falls are one of the well-known leading causes of injury and death in the senior population. Those who survive them may suffer from a temporary physical impairment. As a result, it can hinder their independence and affect their quality of life. It is essential that they see a physical therapist so that they can work together in restoring their strength and balance.

If your senior family is recovering from an injury, it is essential that they use a cane or walker whenever they need to transfer from one place to another; for instance, moving from their bed to their sofa in the living room. It is also imperative that they know how to use these mobility aids safely. Otherwise, they will only increase the risk of tripping or falling.

To secure your senior family member’s safety, it would be great if you install grab bars in their bathroom and stairs at home. It would also be helpful if there are non-slip rugs, mats, and carpets on the floors instead of those regular ones. There should be good lighting so that your loved one can see emergency call-alert systems and where they are going.

When you let your senior loved one work with their physical therapist, they can get tips regarding home safety to reduce fall risk. Caridad Healthcare, Inc. does not only secure physical therapists in restoring bodily functions for the injured, but they also provide education.

Our health services include physical therapy. Since we have experienced professional therapists, they can utilize their skills in helping you or your loved ones get back in shape; thus improving your quality of life.

Our high-quality nursing in Texas also offers nursing services around-the-clock. If you or your loved ones need pain management anytime, our nurses will be there to cater to your needs.

To learn more about our services for healthcare in Roma, Texas, you are welcome to contact us!

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