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Don’t Take Your Wounds Lightly: Treat Them Fast!

Don’t Take Your Wounds Lightly: Treat Them Fast!

If you cut yourself or got injured and you start bleeding, it’s essential that you treat your wound immediately to avoid infection. Here are tips from Caridad Healthcare, Inc.:

  • Rinse your wound with water and wash the corners with soap to remove any debris or dirt
  • Apply a thin layer of ointment or antibiotic to your wound after washing your hands
  • Cover it with bandages to keep it clean

If you’re not at home, or you don’t have supplies for first aid, it’s best that you visit a clinic or a healthcare provider so that you can get assistance. Don’t leave your open wound unattended because it can get infected.

Licensed professionals for high-quality nursing in Texas usually advise you on tips regarding wound care after they treat your wounds. It’s essential that you pay attention and even make notes about it. That way, you’ll know what to do when you get home.

If you’re on bandages, it’s all important that you or someone else change it regularly. When you don’t change it often, your wound can get infected. Since blood and other fluids stick in your bandage, they attract bacteria, causing infection.

Doctors at our healthcare in Roma, Texas often prescribe ointments to help treat your wound. On other cases, they also recommend taking oral medication to kill harmful bacteria and make your wound heal faster. It is essential that you follow these prescriptions and take your doctor’s advice seriously.

When your blood sugar levels are high, your wounds may heal slower than usual. If you have diabetes, it’s crucial that you work closely with your healthcare provider regarding the matter. Diabetes disables your body to produce or use insulin. Insulin can influence your body’s ability to heal wounds. Without it, your wounds won’t heal at all.

If you need our health services for wound care management, please call or visit us today!

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