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Long-Term Diabetes Complications with the Foot

Long-Term Diabetes Complications with the Foot

Neuropathy is a prevalent complication of diabetes. It is a dysfunction of one or more nerves that frequently start in the hands and feet, but other parts of your body can be affected too. Common results are:

  • muscle weakness;
  • numbness;
  • tingling feeling; and
  • pain.

Peripheral nerve affection together with the peripheral vascular disease commonly leads to foot ulcers and infection. Your healthcare in Texas should detect lesions earlier. Failure to do so predisposes to infection, which may result in amputation. Neuropathic involvement, such as foot complications, can be prevented or delayed by proper foot care and efficient glycaemic control.

Foot Care

Many cases of severe foot lesions require amputation. A nursing service in Roma, Texas can do two main approaches to prevention, which includes:

  • Identification of high-risk individuals; and
  • Early detection of lesions, such as trauma, infection, or ulcers.

Patients with high-risk conditions should receive intensified foot care, including those with:

  • symptoms and signs of neuropathic involvement;
  • evidence of blood circulation disorders or PVD;
  • nephropathy as well as significant retinopathy;
  • foot deformities and chronic muscular disorders; and
  • poor hygiene.

Your health service should include instructions on foot care as an integral part of diabetes education. They should focus on self-examination, avoidance of trauma, cessation of smoking, and wearing properly fitting shoes.

Caridad Healthcare, Inc. makes intensive efforts to identify high-risk individuals and detect early lesions. Our care professionals make sure that patients with suspected or confirmed complications are well attended.

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