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Ways We Keep Your Seniors Safe and Secure

Ways We Keep Your Seniors Safe and Secure

Caridad Healthcare Inc. aims to provide clients with high-quality nursing in Texas to help improve our clients’ quality of living. Having employees that come from different industries and backgrounds, carrying with them different sets of experiences, helps us achieve this goal.

Therefore, we are proud to be providing our clients with a variety of health services that meet their unique needs and expectations through the following programs:

  • On-Call Nurses, 24/7.
    It doesn’t matter what hour it is. If our client needs assistance, we make sure that we provide it ASAP.
  • Diabetic Management.
    We know that diabetes is a tricky condition to cope with. Our diabetes care professionals provide patients with advice and instruction on how to better keep track of their condition.
  • Nutritional Needs.
    We know how important health is to you and your loved ones. Hence, our nurses provide older adults with meal plans that meet their individual nutritional needs.
  • Provider Assistance Services.
    We believe that a well-organized and well-kept home is essential for your senior’s health and recovery. Our provider assistance services include bathing, feeding, grooming, shaving, meal preparation, shopping, and housekeeping.
  • Hydration Management.
    Drinking water is the most easily forgotten task, especially for older adults. That is why we offer hydration management services, to help your loved one stay away from dehydration.

To receive top-quality Healthcare in Roma, Texas, you may contact our office here. We would be happy to help you find your way towards the best care!

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