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Things to Keep In Mind this Winter Season

Things to Keep In Mind this Winter Season

It’s finally the winter season again. As the air grows colder, your elderly loved ones must bundle up and get warmer. Older adults tend to lose body heat faster than younger people; making them vulnerable to infections like the flu or the coronavirus.

Caridad Healthcare, Inc. is here to remind you of the importance of keeping your loved one warm during these coldest months of the year. Aside from the fluctuating temperatures, there are other causes for seniors’ low body heat; they are:

Patients who receive our nursing service in Roma, Texas always get warm blankets from our aides. This is to help keep them warm and comfortable all day. We also serve them hot tea/ chocolate or depending on what their physicians allow.

The task of keeping your loved one warm throughout the winter months might get overwhelming at times. Let our healthcare in Texas give you the help you need and the care your seniors deserve.

If you are looking for quality health service, just give us a call at 956-519-3227, and our staff will help schedule you for an appointment.

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