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Signs of Elderly Abuse You Need to Watch Out For

Signs of Elderly Abuse You Need to Watch Out For

An estimation of five million seniors — that’s 5,000,000 people over 65 — are abused physically or taken advantage financially. To make matters worse, only 1 in 5 of these abusive criminal acts are discovered.

Caridad Healthcare, Inc., with their staff and partners in the business of healthcare in Roma, Texas, are working hard to minimize and possibly end elder abuse. Our senior citizens have worked to improve their community, raise families and contribute to society. Now, when they should be enjoying their golden years, it’s up to the rest of us to make sure they live safely and securely.

According to Debra Kostiw, a dedicated provider of health services for seniors, a person being abused will show subtle signs that there is something going on. It is the family’s job to pay close attention to these signs.

Watch out for the following hints:

  • An obvious change in mood and behavior
  • Fear of speaking in the presence of the abuser
  • Denying or minimizing the situation
  • Providing inconsistent explanations for some changes

We aren’t always around to watch over our loved ones. This is why it is important to hire high quality nursing in Texas to avoid instances of potential abuse and keep your seniors feeling safe and secure in their own homes.

If you suspect abuse, it’s important to always maintain the safety of the senior first. If you believe they are in immediate danger, you can call 911.

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