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Preparing Your Home for Surgical Recovery


The last thing we want after surgery is to recover in an uncomfortable and unsanitary environment. The setting in which you will be recovering is critical to your entire recovery. As a result, you must ensure that your house is well-prepared for your patients’ surgical recovery before they are discharged from the hospital.

Here are suggested ways from Caridad Healthcare, INC.when preparing the home as a recovery environment:

  • Prepare your home in advance. Preparing the home ahead of time will make things easier and more comfortable. You could also make changes and additions to your home.
  • Ensure that they have a clear path to and from hallways and rooms. Move the furnishings if necessary.
  • Avoiding the stairs reduces the possibility of strain or injury. If you have a multi-story home, consider adding a temporary bedroom downstairs.
  • Think about putting handrails or grab bars in your shower and near your toilet. These are equipment that will make moving around in the bathroom easier and convenient.
  • Install nightlights that plug into wall outlets, particularly in the patients’ bedrooms and restrooms.
  • Clean and organize your home, paying specific attention to the floors, tabletops, countertops, and other places. Make sure that the patient’s clothing and essentials are easily accessible.
  • Before making contact with the patient, visitors must wash their hands and wear a mask.

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