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Diabetic Management: Shaping a Healthy Lifestyle for You


Diabetes is considered as a long-term, chronic disease which entails constant care and proper management. This is a condition where your body does not produce enough insulin. It is, thus, important to keep your blood sugar within the prescribed range to avoid diabetic coma. However, people often have confusion and several questions on how to manage and maintain their health. Hence, awareness, education, and support about diabetes are essential to allow them to make better health decisions and effectively monitor their condition.

Learning the dos and don’ts about your diabetes will help you save money and fewer visits to the hospital. Here are some important notes on taking care of your diabetes:

  • Counting carbohydrate intakes and portioning your food is important to maintain your blood sugar levels
  • Harmonize your medications and meals to prevent hypo- or hyperglycemia
  • Inquire your doctor about the best exercise plan fitted to your condition

Carida Healthcare, Inc. is a nursing service in Roma, Texas, where we provide diabetic management plans from diabetes education to preparing diabetic-friendly meals to improve and help you cope better with your condition.

As a healthcare in Texas, our mission is to provide accessible and quality healthcare to the community for the improvement of their health and well-being.

To know more about the health service we provide, kindly visit our website at, or call us at 956-519-3227.

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