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Laboratory Screening Recommendations for Adults Above 50

Laboratory Screening Recommendations for Adults Above 50

People may start to feel some illnesses as they age. When they reach 50 years old and above, they have to undergo screening tests. These tests may be beneficial to detect any unknown developing diseases. Laboratory health service and diagnostic care are essential tools for preventive strategies.

Below are lists of screening tests that adults and seniors may take from a provider of Healthcare in Texas.

  • Diabetes
    It is the seventh leading cause of death in the US, according to Lab Tests Online Organization. Higher blood glucose levels may lead to many complications. And that is why older adults need to undergo such a test.
  • Heart Diseases
    High cholesterol and high blood pressure may cause a risk of heart attack, stroke, or kidney diseases. Check your blood pressure regularly and take tests like Lipid Profile to know if you have high cholesterol levels.
  • Cancer
    Cancer is another life-threatening disease that comes from the abnormal growth of cells. The known case in males is prostate cancer, while in females: breast and cervical cancers. Colon cancer is also prevalent.

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