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How to Spot Malnutrition in the Elderly

How to Spot Malnutrition in the Elderly

Malnutrition is a common and dangerous issue faced by the elderly; it is often caused by a combination of physical, social, and psychological issues. It can aggravate pre-existing health conditions, weaken the immunity, and even increase the risk of hospitalization. Spotting and addressing malnutrition is one of the goals of Caridad Healthcare, Inc. as a provider of Healthcare in Roma, Texas.

Here are a few effective ways to better spot malnutrition in the elderly.

  • Watch for Weight Loss
    Sudden or drastic weight loss can be an indication of malnutrition. A few ways you can easily watch for weight loss is by observing how their clothing fits. If something suddenly feels off with how their clothes fit, they may have unnecessarily lost weight and might have to eat healthier. You could also use a weighing scale to regularly monitor their weight.
  • Look Into Their Eating Habits
    One cause of malnutrition is not eating enough of the right food. Observe your elderly loved ones’ eating habits to ensure that they are observing a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. This also includes looking into what food they buy at the grocery, or if they live alone, who buys their food for them. If assistance is needed, there are many Health Services that provide the elderly with proper meal preparation.
  • Look for Weakness in the Body
    Another indication of malnutrition are weaknesses in the body. A few things to look out for is poor wound healing, exhaustion, instability, and weak muscles. Improper nutrition would make the body weaker, increasing the risk of falls and health complications.

Make sure that your loved ones get all the nutrients they need to remain healthy by following these tips. As a healthcare provider, we offer a range of beneficial services for people which include our high-quality nursing in Texas.

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