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Typical Skin Issues in the Elderly

Our skin ages just like we do. Our bodies undergo many changes as we age, including changes in skin health. To avoid or treat skin disorders in the future, it is always a good idea to learn about various skin care recommendations. A smart suggestion is to seek the assistance of home care services if you are unable to handle this on your own.

We are experts in the field of personal care for senior citizens as a provider of nursing service in Texas. Of course, this involves taking care of one’s skin and dealing with any skin issues, especially taking care of their skin when wounded.

Our health service in Roma, Texas provides several suggestions on how to handle or take care of the following skin diseases in the elderly based on this experience. Additionally, aging causes the skin to lose suppleness and hydration. Use a high-quality moisturizer that can provide your senior’s skin with the essential hydration it requires. For sensitive skin, be careful to use a gentle, fragrance-free product.

  • Permanent Bruising

    Our blood vessels become more brittle as we age, making bruises more likely if we’re not careful. You can apply a cold compress to the affected area to treat this ailment. This is also a signal for you to be on the lookout for elder abuse and to get assistance as soon as you can.

  • Skin Ulcers

    These wounds, often called bed sores, happen to people who are confined to a chair or a bed. They must move around as much as they can.

The skin diseases mentioned can be managed or treated by healthcare providers. Your senior can age well and happily with the correct care strategy. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Caridad Healthcare, Inc.

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