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Terms to Remember About IV Antibiotic Administration


Are you receiving IV antibiotic treatment at home with the help of your health service provider? Be sure to understand some of the important terms related to IV antibiotic administration. Here are some of the terms that you should remember:

  • Admixture. This term refers to the preparation of the product requiring the measured addition of your prescribed medication.
  • Extravasation. This term refers to the inadvertent administration of any vesicant medication or solution into a vessel’s surrounding tissue.
  • Intravenous Push. Otherwise known as IV push in the field of healthcare in Texas, this term refers to the manual and direct administration of a medication with the use of a syringe. It is often commonly used in an emergency when manually administering an IV “bolus” dose.
  • IV bolus. This refers to the discrete dose of solution or meds that is administered to an individual rapidly over a short period of time.
  • Ready-to-administer. Any injectable solution containing active drugs at the required volume and concentration that is already presented in its final container can be referred to as ready-to-administer.

Keep these terms in mind so you’ll have more knowledge about IV antibiotic treatment. This is especially so if you’re receiving the treatment at home.

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