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Resources for Seniors Facing Food Instability

Resources for Seniors Facing Food Instability

According to “The State of Senior Hunger in America in 2018” report, 5.3 million seniors, or 7.3% of the senior population, were food insecure in 2018. These rates have lowered in recent years but are still higher than pre-recession levels in 2007.

Why Are Seniors Struggling with Food Instability?
Although reasons may vary from case-to-case, there are several factors that affect an older adult’s access to food. For instance, as baby boomers retire during a dwindling economy, fewer resources are available to help those individuals who struggle.

Budget cuts have also led to existing programs being reduced or discontinued entirely, leaving many to fend for themselves. Additionally, as social and wealth disparity in America increases, the middle class grows smaller, and more and more people struggle to make ends meet.

Where to Find Help
Fortunately, there are options existing that can provide older adults with better access to resources and food. Here’s the list of nationwide programs to look into:

Let Us Assist You
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