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Catering to Catheter Care at Home


Caridad Healthcare, Inc. is a trusted provider of healthcare that aims to uplift the lives and well-being of our clients who receive our services at home. One of our services includes providing nurses who can help support loved ones who utilize intravenous medications through a peripherally inserted central catheter.

A peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) is a long, thin tube that’s inserted through a vein in your arm and passed through to the larger veins near your heart. Very rarely, the PICC line may be placed in your leg. This tube delivers medication or liquids to a patient for an extended period.

Enlisting the aid of a nursing service in Texas is advised to guarantee the safe and sanitary handling of these types of catheters. Thus, we offer the aid of certified PICC nurses to attend to your needs. Despite being a certified nurse, a PICC nurse requires specific training due to the comprehensive nature of these procedures.

The primary responsibility of a PICC nurse is to place a PICC line in a patient’s arm. The catheter is guided from the upper arm to the central veins near the heart using ultrasonography. A PICC line may be placed in a patient because it can stay in longer than an IV, minimizes the frequency of needle sticks for the patient, and lowers the risk of infection.

Ultrasound and other radiological imaging are used by PICC nurses to check that the catheter is inserted safely. Once the catheter line is in place, the PICC nurse utilizes ultrasonography to confirm its location.

Using a PICC to receive their daily dose of medications? Our team of nurses will always be ready to attend to your needs. Our health service in Roma, Texas, is just one call away!

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